Matrix Sytems

Token Machine

Make your entire laundromat cashless for increased automation and less liability. Our expert team will install the machine onsite securely into an interior wall. The EFTPOS Token Vending Machines are all connected the the Matrix Cloud. From here, you can view sales stats, machine and EFTPOS logs, receipts, and adjust settings on your machine remotely. Vandal proof through the wall installation.

Soap Machine

Automated and cashless vending of consumable goods. Able to dispense individual packets of Soap Power, Fabric Softener, Laundry Bags, or can be customised for your goods. All EFTPOS Soap Vending Dispensers are connected to the Matrix Cloud. From here you can review sales stats, receive instant notification when out of stock, and adjust your settings remotely. Vandal proof through the wall installation.

Smart Lockers

Cloud connected Smart Locker System comes in 3 sizes with an integrated kiosk. Powered by WashMe our lockers provide Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Courier drop off services to the greater Auckland region.

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Fully cash-less solutions for your laundromat. Any size, anywhere. 

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